Getting Sick of the Cold? Get Some Vitamin ‘D’estin, FL!


Coming from Colorado, I know all too well how the cold just sinks in deep and you just DREAM of getting away…anywhere warmer than where you’re at. What better place to soak of some Vitamin D than beautiful Destin, Florida. The water is back to its amazing emerald and baby blue color, the birds are out chasing the fish in the surf, even the little crabs can be found in sand scurrying away from you as you get close. Yes, life is thriving and waiting to welcome you back. We will be uploading photos very soon of our latest vacation rental “Silver Sands” and are also going to be selling an amazing property we designed that is fully furnished and rent ready. Rental projections are upwards of $170,000. List price to come. Stay tuned for more information but in the meantime…get down here and get away from that cold weather!