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About Us

Our Story of Dreaming Fully Awake

This is a day the Lord has made so REJOICE!

Our motto is "Celebrate Life Dreaming Fully Awake" because for us, we truly live this way. Every day is a gift from God and we rejoice and are glad that we get to celebrate each day with friends and family. But it wasn't always like this for us. 4 Years ago our founder, Christopher R. Harper, was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve condition and the best doctors in North America gave him 8-10 years before he would be immobile and incapable of walking ever again. Christopher gave away his multi-million dollar construction company to a Godly man in Colorado and moved his family to Destin without knowing how he would make an income or how God would provide but adamant that he would live his life to the fullest and allow God to create a perfect work in him for as long as he was able.

Miraculous Healing...Faithful Redeemer

Our family was told, after the countless surgeries, that the ongoing pain would only get worse since the condition was degenerative. The most we could hope for, after a consistent regiment of pain medicine, was an ability to "cope" with life. One thing that keeps Chris pressing forward and not letting anything get him down is a vision God gave Chris a couple years into his diagnosis. In this vision, while being held by his father in prayer, Chris saw himself as an old man...standing and also hugging his son. He holds strong to this vision as a promise that he will not be crippled by his condition but will see this healing in his life no matter how hard things get. He refuses to allow a diagnosis determine his future when God is the author and finisher of his faith.

How do you Dream Fully Awake?

Written by Christopher Harper:

As simple as it is to write down, it is actually very difficult to Dream Fully Awake and is something you must consciously work toward to accomplish. Dreaming Fully Awake is simply allowing God to be in control of your Dreams. After all, He says in Psalms 37:4 "Find delight in the Lord: and He shall give you the desires of your heart." Our story is unique because God put us on this journey when we decided to put our finances, our jobs and our goals into His hands trusting that He would be here along the journey to help us when we fell. Your story will be unique to your own hearts desires. Be limitless with your Dreams and delight in the Lord in all that you do. Pray with expectancy, knowing that you pray to the King of Kings. Our last encouragement for you is that you would allow God the opportunity to take you beyond what is ordinary and into the EXTRAordinary as you go on your own journey Dreaming Fully Awake.


Meet The Team


Arlen Busenitz

Chief Operations Manager | | (850) 733-7447

Arlen grew up on a farm in KS. He paid for college by digging up rocks out of farmers' fields and selling them as landscape rocks at the local farmers market. Married with five kids, Arlen and his family moved to Florida in 2019 and later joined Destin Dreamers. He is also a licensed real estate agent with DD Luxury Group.


Christopher R Harper

Owner | | (850) 225-8117

With a National Builders License through the International Code Council, holding a General C License with the PPRBD, and eighteen years of building experience, Chris has dedicated himself, with his “Can Do” personality, to always putting the customer first. Building anything from custom multi million dollar homes to renovating the old 18 and 19th century victorians and designing and finishing to-the-notch, custom basement finishes and kitchen makeovers, Chris’ reputation for attention to detail, quality of craftsmanship, and impeccable customer service won him Builder of the Year Award two years in a row. This reputation and recognition also put his name and business in the Business Hall of Fame Award for 2018 for “Best Of”.
Chris has always had a strong passion and deep understanding for real estate. He not only excels in the building side of things, but in the investment side of real estate as well. Chris and his wife have invested in multiple properties and have built, flipped or renovated many amazing homes in many different states over the years. They currently own three investment properties in the Destin area, which has opened up the avenue for Chris to further his passion in real estate by becoming an agent himself. Now currently working full time under Real Joy Properties, a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage firm in Destin Florida, Chris strives to further devote his skills and knowledge to assist buyers and sellers in and around the Destin area by bringing a unique perspective to the market.
Chris knows what it means to put the best interest of his clients first. Bringing a very unique builders eye perspective to every appointment, whether buying or selling, anyone who is looking to buy a new or used home will greatly benefit from the vast knowledge that Chris has developed over the past 18 years. Having extensive knowledge in building requirements, regulations, and what a quality home is suppose to look like, Chris can advise you throughout the process so that you have the best information prior to making or accepting any offers. Chris’ vast knowledge in code requirements in his 18 years of building experience gives you direct access to his inspection background with any home that you might be interested in purchasing before any inspections are even required or paid for. Although he will not be performing any “formal” inspections on any property, Chris has an intimate understanding of building and home construction and can see things that the every-day homeowner nor agent would be able to see. Chris is a visionary and his creative approach to problem solving can bring inspiration to any buyer who is looking for that special property in order that they may put their personal “touch” into it. Whether you are buying your first home along the Emerald Coast, investing in our incredible economy, or looking to sell your wonderful home and find something else, Chris Harper with Real Joy Properties will always be open and honest with every transaction and will work diligently with you to see your goals become reality.


Jaetin Bonner

On-Site Experience Manager | | (850) 733-7447

Jaetin brings an energy and excitement to our company and our guests that is unparalleled. As our onsite experience manager, you are sure to see him running around and making sure our guests have everything they need for their vacation and will likely meet him as he greets you personally. Jaetin is also very skilled in videography and is responsible for much of the great video content you see across our social media and website.


Justin Newell

Field Operations Manager | | (850) 733-7447

The man of many talents, Justin bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our staff. From owning his own cross-fit gym to managing restaurants, Justin brings an experience in the operations and personal communications side of management that is becoming harder and harder to find in the work place today. You will likely see Justin in and out of our homes as we oversees cleaning, maintenance and laundry.


Mallory Wight

Head of Housekeeping | | (850) 733-7447

Mallory is a breath of fresh air around the office. She is a very passionate and dedicated women with an incredible eye for detail and excellent at taking hard tasks head on until completed. Mallory works hard behind the scenes to ensure the homes are clean, laundry is perfect and our guests have everything they need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay with us. She has a background in business management and cleaning and works diligently at streamlining our systems and methodologies to ensure the highest level finishes for our guests arrival.