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Why Destin Dreamers?

All-Inclusive Maintenance Plan

Our incredible service to you as an owner starts with our commitment to taking care of your investment from the first day we start. With our national certifications in building and over 18 years
of professional experience as a builder and developer, we have the experience and the accolades to maintain your property better than any other company can possibly try and commit to.

Background check for every Guest

Our third party partner, Safely, runs a background check on each registered guest staying in your property to further ensure your home is in good hands.

Personal Introduction Protection (PIP)

As aforementioned above, we meet each and every guest at check-in. Another reason we do this is to ensure that the registered guest is present and will remain at the property for the duration of the stay. If the registered guests is not present and no adult over the age of 25 is authorized prior to their arrival, we do not allow access to the group!

24 Hour On-site Protection

Our company is family owned and operated with just as committed partners whom are willing to be on site at any hour of any day, yes even holidays, to respond to emergencies and disruptive behavior. 

You Are Covered With Us!

What happens if the home is damaged?

Each booking we generate for our owners is not only protected by the channel insurance policy but we also provide this Safely Coverage as well.

How good is your investment if it isn’t maintained?

Any company can book your investment property but the #1 complaint in the industry is maintenance and damage prevention. We have you 100% covered with both and it is all included in our rates.

Peace of Mind experience Guarantee

We file each claim, order any damaged items, facilitate repairs and replacements all for no additional fees to our owners. When you come back into town, your home will look as good, if not better, than the day you put it into our hands.

No Smoking / No Vaping Guarantee

We meet every guest in person at check in for several reasons but none more important that to safeguard your investment and ensure each guest knows and accepts our policies regarding their stay. We enforce these rules under the law and will ensure your home is properly safeguarded against abusive individuals.

Discover How Much Your Property Can Make

Put us to the test. No long term commitments. We put our money where our mouth is.

Call us today to talk more about how we can assists you with your current and future investments.

If you are just getting started and looking to talk to a Licensed Real Estate Agent about your future investments, click on the link below. Christopher Harper will be happy to assist you in your search for the perfect property that meets your budget and your long term financial goals.