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Destin Dreamers’ Charity Drive


The Lord has blessed our company, Destin Dreamers, so much over the past year allowing us the opportunity to meet such exceptional people with incredible ministries. During the summer of 2019, we were humbled and honored to get to know Demario and Tamela Davis and hear about their hearts for young adults and less fortunate youth in areas with little to no outside christian support. If you do not know, Demario Davis is a starting defensive linebacker for The New Orleans Saints football organization. His open confession of his faith in Jesus Christ, (reference “Man of God headband” online), and his passion for helping others, inspired our company to come along side them and support their ministry, Devoted Dreamers, any way that we can. Jamie Harper – a co-owner of Destin Dreamers, has dedicated the painting you see on this page in support of the Davis family and what they are doing for others in the name of Jesus Christ.


These paintings are printed on 18″ x 24″ Posters in a “Premium Matte Finish” and are a symbol for Devoted Dreamers because of the symbol the Lion brings to us as believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. The Painting on the poster is a depiction of the Lion of Judah as written in the Word of God. The background of the poster is familiar scripture relevant to the impact this poster has made over our family and the message that lies within it. The 3 paintings you see to the left of the finished work are the stages of completion reflective of our life’s journey with our Lord. Our belief is that the image of God is, and has always been within us, made perfect by His son Jesus Christ. Through our journey in life, we scrape away a little more of ourselves to reveal what was always there; the image of God. So imagine the blank canvas of the painting as yourself and unlike drawing something onto the canvas, we are actually removing the emptiness we seen in ourselves and revealing the face of God within us all along.


Founded in 2018 by New Orleans Saints Linebacker Demario Davis, Devoted Dreamers Foundation, Inc. was created to to equip the Next Generation of Leaders (entertainers, athletes, politicians, doctors, lawyers, etc.) with the tools to be successful spiritually, mentally, and physically.


We live in a nation where inner city kids are just as likely to end up in jail as they are college. The Devoted Dreamers Project has created a number of initiatives aimed at connecting the young men and women of the future to the resources needed to make their biggest dreams a reality.


Click the link below to donate to the charity directly. Once you have donated any amount to the charity, just provide a proof of your donation to us along with your name and address and we will promptly send the poster to you.