The Moments That We Remember


Let’s keep our toes dug in the sand a little longer.
Let that salty air kiss our cheeks; the sun kiss our hair a little blonder.
Let’s see what treasures those waves will bring to the sandy shore for us to find.
Ocean treasure of seashells that were all but left behind.
Let’s make friends with the dolphins, the sea turtles, and perhaps a mermaid or two.
I’ll dig my hands into the sand and build a sand castle just for you.
Let’s sit till the sun sets and watch the sky light up with magic.
Sit and snuggle and make memories that all feel so romantic.
Let’s wait for the stars to come out to glimmer on the waters foamy edge.
Then they’ll lead us home with hearts content because our souls were fully fed.
We’ll lie in bed and dream the dreams, dreaming of our tomorrows.
With a prayer on our lips for a little more time,
the time we wish to borrow.
Because dreams come from the place in our hearts we secretly desire with an ache.
What a feeling it is to know we’re alive and well,
and that we’re dreaming fully awake!

Published on Wednesday, May 13, 2020