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The Story of Destin Dreamers

Interested in owning a vacation rental or investing in real estate?

Both Christopher Harper, Jaetin Bonner & Arlen Busenitz are real estate agents and can absolutely assist you in location, acquiring and even managing a property for you and your family to come to on your next vacation.

For further information, please check out our Real Estate website below:

Let us know if you would like to view a house while you are here!

The Retreat at Miramar Beach








Golf Cart Ride to the Beach

If you rented a house in the retreat, your house comes with a complementary golf cart! It is street legal and you can part at beach, go out to eat, shop, etc.




Welcome Video & How to Access the Golf Cart (if house comes with it)

The Golf Cart agreement will be at the house. We will need a copy of each license, motor vehicle insurance, and signature for those who are driving. Age 21+

Golf Cart Instructions

Using the Green Egg Grill with Charcoal Provided (Retreat at Miramar)

Check-out Instructions

VIP Services & Area Guide

We are looking forward to hosting you at your vacation house. Check out our VIP services and local partners who can provide grocery delivery, boat rentals, beach services, and more!  Click here for our VIP services & Area guide.