Our Story

chris and family

Our Motto is “Celebrating life dreaming fully awake” because for us we truly live this way. Every day is a gift from God and we rejoice and are glad that we get to spend each day with friends and family.

Christopher Harper, the owner/operator of Destin Dreamers, built luxury homes in Colorado Springs for 15 years and carries a national license in building. Moving down to the Emerald Coast in 2018, Christopher and his wife, Jamie, purchased 3 luxury vacation rental homes. Soon after they were faced with a serious concern regarding the management of these properties. After reviewing the condition of other management companies’ “top producing” properties and speaking with other owners, they soon realized there was a massive difference between what was advertised and what was delivered.

They eventually wanted to sell their homes and get out of the short term rental market altogether. They knew they needed a quality management company to ensure this would be a smooth process. The number one reason owners wanted to sell was due to the lack of confidence in their management company after coming back to town for a period of time and seeing the condition of their property, reading reviews, and speaking with neighbors who informed them that their managers were rarely ever at their property. Chris and Jamie soon decided to start Destin Dreamers, a Destin property management company focused on luxury vacation rentals and exceptional customer service. They implemented the same spirit of excellence they exuded in Colorado into this new venture purely out of a desire to manage their own homes. Well, it didn’t take long for others to request them to manage their properties as well once they saw their dedication to the homes, their guests, and the joy they brought so many when meeting each and every guest personally to welcome them to the area and answer their questions.

Since then, they have established Destin Dreamers as the premier property management company for Destin, Miramar Beach, and Santa Rosa Beach. We are dedicated to the dream of providing Best-In-Class service and care for all owners, their properties, and their guests. This is evident in the custom 8,000 sq ft commercial property we have built which houses our state-of-the-art in-house laundry facility, a maintenance training program, and even an in-house cleaning program.

Although Destin Dreamers now has the technology and infrastructure to compete with companies managing several hundred properties, Chris and Jamie maintain a strict selection process so that they continue offering the same level of quality and service that other companies, with volume based methodologies, simply cannot achieve due to staffing shortages. That is why Destin Dreamers will always be a smaller, more boutique “luxury brand” dedicated to their owners, their customers, and their staff for decades to come.