If we are all being honest, each of us has probably been tricked, manipulated or deceived into investing in something, in the end, we completely regretted. Is that fair to say? The opportunity I am trying to bring to light for others to benefit, as I have, does come with an advantage to me and I want that to be clear up front. I am a real estate agent hoping to gain your business. The deal I am showing you, and everyone willing to read this, truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Every home that has sold within this community, so far, has NEVER been on the MLS (listed online) and have all been PRE-SOLD. To make it clearer, I am not the broker for this development. I actually own 3 of these investment homes myself and was the first buyer within the development. This is an incredible opportunity but let’s just get right to the guts of it and show hard data and numbers and let you decide how incredible this opportunity is for yourself. Should you want to know more, all I ask is that you give me the opportunity to represent you.

Lets Talk Numbers:

There are only 27 homes that will be built within this community. Half of which are already built and sold. 2 of the newest being built are about to be “available” to purchase. Again, it is unlikely that they will ever be on the MLS. The Community sits just 3 minutes away from the best and largest beach access right off of Scenic 98 in Destin Florida.  So lets dig right into the rental numbers of these homes to see just how great of a ROI they can actually be. I invite you to compare these numbers to any other homes within the area, especially for the price. Also keep in mind year one should see the lowest numbers for rentals. By year 3 you should have established renters and reviews seeing a steady, consistent amount each consecutive year.

Rental Property 1:

The Emerald Dream, property 1 of the 3 purchased, was purchased in May of 2018 for $700,000 and is only 2,600sqft. 6 bedrooms, 6 baths and placed on the rental market near the end of June, 2018. By the years end, The Emerald Dream, designed and furnished by Destin Dreamers, produced $68,097.02. Not that impressed by those numbers even though there was only a short window of “peak” season left to still capture those profits? Well by January of 2019, The Emerald Dream had over $107,433.46 booked for 2019. Thats not combining the bookings of 2018…that is on top of the bookings in 2018…. and is still booking up. It is projected that The Emerald Dream alone can produce upwards of $135,000 – $145,000 in 2019. To date the Emerald Dream has produced in bookings $175,530.48 combining the earnings of 2018 with the bookings so far of 2019. See the link below to view the property on Home Away.


Rental Property 2:

Silver Sands, as it is called, was purchased in November of 2018 for $730,000. At 5 beds, 6 baths and a little less than 2,600 sqft. this home is perfectly situated directly across from the pool. Again, furnished and designed by Destin Dreamers, this home was rented by the week before Christmas until the new year without ever being placed on the rental market. Finally getting professional photos and placed on the rental market February 2nd, 2019, by February 7th of 2019, Silver Sands, had over $40,800 booked for just 2019 and is still booking up. It is projected that its first year on the rental market will produce $130,000+. Here is the link to see that home on Home Away.


For Sale: Property 3:

Currently the first property for sale on the MLS and the first property purchased here in this community. This home is 1 of only 2 homes this size in the entire community and overlooks the pond and pool area. We purchased the property in April of 2018 for $839,000 (the price the home was built for which the developer even built himself the exact same home next door and paid $839,000 as well). This home is quite impressive and is a staggering 4,200 sqft. 7 beds and 7 baths, all bedrooms are oversized King Bedroom Suites with adjoining bathrooms, and the home features amazing customizations throughout the home setting it apart from the rest. It also has private access to the pool and fishing pond directly off of the rear back patio. It’s current market value is $1,487,433, based off of an extensive comparative market analysis, which we can provide, and is on the market for sale at $1,495,500 fully furnished by our company and rental ready. The projections for this home could reach $200,000 in less than a few short years from now and is expected to pull in $160,000+ its first year (this projection is very modest since it has not been on the rental market).  We have detailed CMA’s, Cost of Ownership and Rental Projections on this property if you are interested in purchasing this one of a kind home. Click the link below and scroll down just past the “Featured Listing” section where you will see the downloadable content for this property:


The numbers speak for themselves. Comparing the rental properties above, at nearly half the size of this featured property, you can easily paint the picture of how profitable this property will be in comparison to the other homes being built in this community, none of which will be this large or have this premium lot. See the link below for details. http://destindreamers.idxbroker.com/idx/details/listing/c114/814994/23-Calla-Way-Miramar-Beach-FL-32550

Convinced? Want to learn more?

We want to help you purchase these homes, get them furnished and watch them take off just as our homes in here have. Once you meet us, you will see how genuine we are at wanting to connect with others and just be a positive influence in our community. If there is anything we can do to assist you in making a decision to buy one of these amazing homes, or any other home in the area, please feel free to reach out to us directly and allow us the opportunity to serve you. We have excellent relationships with Lenders and Mortgage Brokers that can assist you getting financed and can help you along the way to your own financial independence. If you are one of the buyers ready, willing and able to move on one of these right away, we can get with the developer and snag one of the only 2 left shown on the cover photo directly across from the pool in the Dutch designed front facade. They are not on the market and the developer is not actively trying to sell them. However, because of my relationship with him, we would be able to snag one up Pre-Sold, just like all of the other homes in here have been.

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