Finding the right home in the right area and for the right amount of money is something only a well qualified and experienced Real Estate Agent can accomplish. With the ever growing number of agents all claiming to be the best and all trained similarly in the methods to present the answers to the information listed above, how then are you able to differentiate between them? One word really solidifies this…Experience!

But Experience in What?

At RealJoy Properties, we have a team of highly qualified past or current builders, attorneys, and entrepreneurs all now active and full time Real Estate Agents dedicated to assisting you, the buyer or seller, in making well and informed decisions from a wide variety of expert viewpoints. Our agents, whom work together and not just independently under one broker, share a common goal…to serve our customers and help serve our community. We are dedicated in our efforts to find that perfect property or sell your beautiful home so you can move on to bigger and better things.

Chris Harper, the builder and developer in the group, brings a very unique perspective to RealJoy Properties in that he has over 18 years construction experience and is nationally licensed and recognized for his accomplishments in building. His observations from countless inspections, site and plan reviews, code enforcement review committee meetings, and lead and asbestos abatement meetings with the EPA, give Chris a very different perspective when looking at new or older properties. Chris can inform you, upon your initial walk through of a property, about any concerns that you may want to be aware of and can assist in finding appropriate solutions to resolve those concerns under the current and active code requirements set by the building department. Furthermore, Chris has a plethora of knowledge in building and is an excellent resource to bounce ideas off of about what can or cannot be done to a property and what may be required in order to facilitate those improvements or ideas.

One thing is for certain, buying in Destin and surrounding towns has definitely become a little bit easier with the help and support of so many great and wonderful people dedicated to you the buyer or seller. Please call and allow us to assist you further.

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