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Crab Island: Past, Present and Future

Crab Island, Destin Florida Just the name itself is synonymous with mystery and excitement and beloved by all who have come here and graced its crystal clear waters and snorkeled along its sand bars. But what do we really know about Crab Island? Interesting when I researched the topic I found that there just wasn’t a lot of data or scientific studies that I could dive into that gave me...

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Do you know how valuable you are?

I know what you may be thinking, “What does this picture of a single plant sprouting from the ground have to do with my value?” Stay with me on this and I will try and bring this altogether the way I feel the Lord is wanting me to. The germination process of a plant is when a dormant seed begins to sprout and grow into a seedling under the right...

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Whom do we turn to each day to provide for us?

I have a brief story to tell: A few weeks back, after meeting with my CPA, it was determined that within the last two years, my wife and I had over $240,000 stolen from us through acts of fraud that we have fought through the legal system over the years. This is of course devastating to anyone to have so much stolen and all in a country you would think...

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From Trash to Tranquility: The work you don’t see!

The majestic beaches along the Emerald Coast are truly only beautiful because of the efforts made by those here in the community willing to give up their week nights in order to clean up the garbage and keep our beaches as pristine as you all witness upon arriving here. This is not easy work but the Harper family, owners of Destin Dreamers, dedicate their evenings to walking the beaches and...

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The Glowing Ocean

Bioluminescent Phytoplankton Many of us, whom have witnessed the ocean waters turn vibrant shades of blue or sometimes green in the middle of the night, have many times wondered if it were our own imaginations that created the beauty we saw that night. Have you ever walked along the sand under the nights sky and the sand glowed blue underneath your feet? Or watched a fish swim through the water,...

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Destin, Florida’s different Water Color explained

Have you ever wondered why the water color in Destin or other parts of the world can dramatically change from one season to the next? How one December the water can be a perfectly clear blue and the next year the water is brown or discolored? Furthermore, what underlying factors contribute to our oceans allowing them to turn such an Emerald Green color? Here is a list of fun educational...

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