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Navigating Real Estate in Destin, FL

Intro: The reason I chose the image above, is to show a path; to symbolize a journey to peaceful and tranquil waters. That is what we all are hoping for right? Of course! And that journey to tranquility, in and along our amazing Emerald Coastline of Destin Florida, begins with our property search. This is a daunting task though and not for the reasons you would expect…or maybe you’re seasoned and...

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Time is Running out: Once in a Lifetime Investment Opportunity

If we are all being honest, each of us has probably been tricked, manipulated or deceived into investing in something, in the end, we completely regretted. Is that fair to say? The opportunity I am trying to bring to light for others to benefit, as I have, does come with an advantage to me and I want that to be clear up front. I am a real estate agent hoping...

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Amazing Rental Giant for sale in Miramar Beach

This incredible 2018 new construction home is expertly designed and is being sold fully furnished. Comparing to other rental homes in this class, this property has potential for earnings that will far outperform other homes of similar size and value. Destin Dreamers, the owners of this home and many other rental homes in the area, own and rent 2 other homes within The Retreat. This incredible vacation rental home is...

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“Silver Sands” now available to rent in Destin, Florida

Well it’s finally finished and ready to be enjoyed by countless families around the world. Silver Sands is a truly magical home. Located minutes from the beach, accessible in a custom built and well equipped 6 person golf cart, this home is perfect for your family get-a-way. Walking into the large open living room with the built in dining area, featuring a custom silver coral arrangement, the weight of your...

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Real Estate – A Builders Perspective of the Market

Finding the right home in the right area and for the right amount of money is something only a well qualified and experienced Real Estate Agent can accomplish. With the ever growing number of agents all claiming to be the best and all trained similarly in the methods to present the answers to the information listed above, how then are you able to differentiate between them? One word really solidifies...

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Our newest addition coming in 2019!

The Retreat at Miramar has been a huge hit with every family who has stayed with us. Our homes’ proximity to the beach, local shopping, parks and activities truly make this community unique and set apart. The ability to jump in one of our provided golf carts and go great local restaurants, the grocery store, the beach and even some great local pubs really take your “traditional” vacation to another...

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