Celebrate Like Nowhere Else!


There are very few places, certainly in North America, that celebrate events capped off with fireworks as often as Destin, Florida does. Throughout the summer months, Destin and its surrounding towns throw extravagant parties and events followed by an amazing display of fireworks to cap off the evening. This happens 3 nights a week throughout summer and throughout the year celebrating every major holiday and numerous events as well. From BBQ competitions to seafood festivals, we have it all and will make you feel apart of this small town community when you come. The video above is the 4th of July Celebration firework show held last year on the 3rd of July privately sponsored by Peter Boss at Destin Commons and was the highlight of the year. The 4th of July firework show over the pass was incredible as well but few dare to compare to the firework show we experienced at Destin Commons. It went on for 28 minutes and this 1 minute captured only a fraction of it.

Published on Sunday, April 14, 2019